Retired Cats

We often have retired Ragdoll breeders for pet homes, for we strive to retire them as young as possible to ensure them a happy and longer life with their new owners.

Retired male and female Ragdoll breeders are available from time to time and make excellent companions. Retired Ragdoll breeders are an affordable alternative to purchasing a kitten and are suitable for anyone. Particularly suited for elderly or disabled people who require low maintenance companions. Or for those who just don’t
want to go through the “kitten” stages and right into a Ragdoll who is very docile, quiet, and loves to snuggle in a lap or right next to you in bed or on the couch. Ragdolls are special cats for special people.

Blue Symphony – Born October 2000, she is a very loving Blue Point Ragdoll. Sadly, Lexes Dolls Ragdolls is retiring Symphony from the breeding program. She would much rather be the single pet, but gets along well with kids and other pets. Symphony is very spoiled.

Confetti Born May 2000, she is a Seal Bi–Color Tortie Ragdoll with the biggest almond shaped deep blue eyes. Confetti is a large muscular Ragdoll cat that would do well in a low traffic home with minimal other pets. She bonds best with females. Sadly, Lexes Dolls Ragdolls is retiring Confetti from the breeding program after her current litter is at their new homes, and will be available for adoption to a good and loving home. See her current available kittens on the Kitten page. This picture was taken at 3 years

Georgie Girl – Born February 1998, she is a 6-year-old Seal Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll. She is a beautiful Ragdoll and Lexes Dolls hates to see her go. Georgie is perfectly suited for an elderly home; a house has low traffic and is relatively quiet. She is a sweetheart of a Ragdoll, but has been very spoiled, and is a little selfish with her love and space.

Starlight – He is a 2 ½-year-old Red Cream Ragdoll. Recently retired from Lexes Dolls breeding program, and was sold to a loving home in Las Vegas. See his current litter with Confetti on the Kitten page.