Kitten Care

Ragdolls are special cats for special people.

Please DO NOT give your Ragdoll kitten any chlorinated water. Give them filtered water or bottled water. Kittens are building enzymes for the first 3 – 4 weeks in their new environment while they adjust to the stress of a new home, chlorine will kill those enzymes. This can cause your kitten to have loose stools and/or become ill.  Tap water is so unhealthy for the health of your Ragdolls organs.

Your Ragdoll kitten is eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry kittten formula. They are able to free feed as much as he/she wants, whenever he/she wants. Please keep your
Ragdoll kitten on this feline formula until he/she is 9 – 12 months of age. After that, slowly switch your kitten to a high quality adult formula – low in ash (magnesium & phosphorus). Free feed, unless directed otherwise by your veterinarian. Please DO NOT change your Ragdoll kittens diet abruptly. If you decide to change brands or types of food, your Ragdoll kitten may have loose stools and stomach upsets. To decrease these symptoms, diet changes should ALWAYS be done very gradually over a period of two weeks. NEVER change the diet to anything less than a high quality food. A high quality food is best for your Ragdoll kitten, and will also decrease the number of stools produced during the day. Poor quality foods are high in filler type ingredients.

I do not feed them any wet food. I prefer to use boiled chicken with no bones and no skin for treats instead of the wet food. If you feel the need to feed wet food, I recommend feeding as LITTLE as possible. Feed wet food only occasionally, for a treat. Remember that dry food keeps away gingivitis and provides all the protein required. The wet food provides little to no protein required. NEVER be over generous with wet food or treats, for too much of these are often the source of loose and high odor stools.

NEVER feed your Ragdoll kitten milk. Your kitten’s digestive system is not meant to metabolize milk. Milk can cause predisposition to Irritated Bowel Disease (IBD).

I use clumping litter. Make sure your new Ragdoll does not play in their litter box. Clumping litter can clog/constipate your kitten if eaten. Never give your Ragdoll kitten/cat pearl/crystal type litter. It is advertised that these types of litter absorb all ammonia smells in urine – imagine what it will do to their stomach if eaten. Many people are happy with other safe litter alternatives such as Yesterday’s News or Feline Pine if kitten likes to play with their clumping litter.

If you have more than one level to your home, I recommend that a litter box is available on each level. Remember that your Ragdoll kitten is still a baby and needs his/her litter box easily accessible. Picking your Ragdoll kitten up occasionally and actually placing him/her in the litter box will help to remind your kitten where the box is and help to prevent accidents. DO NOT allow your kitten free access of the entire house until you are sure he/she can find his/her way to the litter box.

All Ragdoll kittens are sold with a spay/neuter contract, or are already spay/neutered before going home.

I do not recommend your Ragdoll kitten/cat
be vaccinated with the FIP vaccine. It is at best an unproven vaccine and may be implicated in making your Ragdoll kitten/cat more susceptible to the disease.

I ALWAYS recommend that your Ragdoll kitten/cat remains indoors. Outdoor cats are exposed to feline diseases. For many of these diseases there are immunizations, (Feline viral rhinotracheitis – FVR, Leukemia Virus -FLV, and Rabies) however; immunization is NOT an ironclad guarantee that your Ragdoll kitten/cat will not catch communicable infections. Immunizations only reduce and help prevent the likelihood of infection or moderate the course of the infection. Plus, Ragdolls are so docile that they just can’t  survive outside. NEVER let your Ragdoll kitten/cat outdoors!

Nail care is best if kept up regularly, started at Lexes Dolls Ragdolls. A good pair of stainless still clippers is what I recommend. Clip only the tip of the nail being careful not to cut into the quick.

Make sure your Ragdoll kitten always has plenty of toys to play with. They love the laser toy!

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